September 12, 2013

Just in Time Books - Hot New Titles for your grade school kids

I am happy to share news of a new series of books for 3-7 grade readers called the Just in Time series. I happen to know the illustrator, Manelle Oliphant, so I wanted to put the word out. The books are co-authored by Carol Lynch Williams and Cheri Pray Earl. The books are about twins that travel back in time to rescue their parents who have been lost in time. The first book is titled The Rescue Begins in Delaware. The second book is titled Sweet Secrets in Pennsylvania.

In conjunction with the book release here are some great upcoming events for the book lovers that may still read this blog. If you happen to live in Utah, here are some events you may want to check out.

This is happening soon:
The illustrator, Manelle Oliphant, will be at the Fort Union Barnes and Noble this Saturday the 14th signing Just in Time books as well as some other books she has illustrated from 2-3pm. She says other authors will be there as well, but didn't know which ones.

Keep this on your Calendar:
Both authors and illustrator will be at The King's English on Saturday November 2nd for a presentation and book signing.
The time wasn't specified. You may be able to find more information on The King's English website when the event draws nearer.

 And for anyone else not in Utah you can visit Manelle Oliphant's website for a fun giveaway. She is giving away some board books she has illustrated so head on over to to enter. Please check the official rules before entering to make sure you qualify to win.

Now for some haiku - How Amy views a new book.

inky stained smooth clean
unlocked secrets lie in wait
devoured in a day


February 1, 2013

March of Dimes March for Babies

Hi friends of Haiku Amy
Sorry I haven't been around awhile. Less than a year ago our family received an amazing gift with the birth of a new baby. This was nothing short of a miracle for us as my pregnancies tend to give little support to the developing fetus. This special boy was born at 34 weeks weighing only 2 lb 13 oz but thanks to care of Dr's and nurses he thrived in the NICU for 3 weeks and was able to come home with us. I have joined March of Dimes this year to help raise money for the health of premature babies and prevention. I posted the button above if any are interested in donating. Here is the link to my March for Babies profile.

Thanks for your support!


October 23, 2012

Cat's Hats Candy Corn Hat Giveaway

Hi all. I just wanted to share a giveaway. If anyone likes handmade items, particularly crocheted hats, and has a cute kid to wear such finery then head over to The Worsted Crochet Blog for a Candy Corn Hat Giveaway!!!! Plus its fall and I love this season. I should share a haiku.

Cute, trendy, fuzzy.
Warming ears and noggins too.
Win a hat from Cat!


January 1, 2012

Books for Christmas and a Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Since I am always pleased to receive books as gifts - that is pretty much what I got. This year I mostly bought my own presents or told hubby what to buy. I received:

  1. Touch of Power by Maria V. Snyder
  2. Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins
  3. Zombie Haiku by Ryan Mecum
Mini reviews
  • Lola - I loved this book so much I spent all day after Christmas reading it. I loved Lola because she likes to costume herself. It's an art form. She goes for themes and goes all out including wigs and making her own clothing. I am so not like that, but if I had an alternate personality or a limitless shopping account I could imagine myself like that.
  • Zombies - First off I have wanted to read this book since hearing about it some time ago. I even wrote my own zombie haiku  - Spam is Good Brain Food. I saw the book at B&N while Christmas shopping and bought it for myself. I must say it was exactly what I expected and beyond. Yes, I admit it grossed me out just a bit. A lot of it was quite humorous though. It's a quick, fun read, but maybe better if you're not eating something while reading. If you are squeamish I probably wouldn't pick it up. Lovely visuals (pictures of scary zombie people) and faux blood-splattered pages too. I am inspired. Maybe I should write a haiku book...only less gruesome.

I haven't read Touch of Power yet, but I can't wait. I haven't read a book by Maria Snyder that I didn't love. 

Which books did you receive for Christmas? 


August 18, 2011

Fandom Quilting

Hi Bookish Friends.

Not so very long ago I came across a website run by Jennifer Ofenstein called SewHooked. It featured quilt block patterns in the medium of paper piecing, among other things. For those of you who don't know what that is, its just a way of assembling a quilt block where you actually sew your fabric to the paper. Once your block is created you rip the paper off and throw it away. Not too long after I found SewHooked, Jen created a new website called Fandom in Stitches. This is the perfect place for book lovers as she has many blocks for popular book series as well as some video games, sports and movie themed blocks. The patterns, created by a team of designers, include Harry Potter, Twilight/Vampires, Hunger Games, Glee, Legend of Zelda, Disney, Sci-fi and more.
Also for your enjoyment, the Fandom in Stitches Flickr group.

This year SewHooked featured the Harry Potter Project of Doom. Each week a new pattern was revealed for 30 weeks until the final quilt came together. I didn't participate, but have enjoyed viewing all the blocks.

The next project of this magnitude is There and Back Again. This is a block of the month mystery quilt based on The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien. It is scheduled to start in October, so I wanted to let anyone know about it who may be interested in joining. Go check out Fandom in Stitches for more details. Anyone else out there enjoy fan-themed projects?