May 2, 2008


Here is a picture
Substitutes words by thousands
Bleeding emotions


Lauren Horsley said...

Hi Amy! I'm sorry I've been so poorly out of touch - this mommy blog is so fun but it takes up every free second I've got! Anyways, I know you invited me to your private blog but I can't seem to get in...maybe I didn't do it right or something. Would you mind adding me - I'd love to see how your cute little family is doing!
And I want to thank you for all the comments and support on Supermom Central - you rock! Your email suggestion is great and I will be adding that soon. In the meantime, I did check out your friend's cute mommy/baby jewlery and would love to feature it soon! Thanks for the tip!

Love ya,


PS - What a cool, unique haiku blog! Love your writings.