February 24, 2009

Baby's Best Week Giveaways on Supermom Central

I know this is a haiku page, but I couldn't help posting about these great giveaways on Supermom Central. Here is a haiku in celebration.

Supermom Central
My wallet too thin to shop
Free stuff and mom tips


This is the best giveaway yet on Supermom Central. You must go get an entry in this. It is for a Bumbleride Stroller. This stroller is very posh. Just go check out the giveaway on Supermom Central and you can also check out the Bumbleride Flyer.

There is also a giveaway for Dilly Dally Bibbies. These are some cool little bibs. They are handcrafted and have great coverage. They are also really adorable. Go check them out and get your entry in.

Just two more giveaways. One is for a Baby Sling from Hotslings and the other is for Go Natural Baby organic baby clothes. The Hot sling giveaway ends today, Tuesday 24th. So if you happen to see this in time, get on over there quick.

All these giveaways are going on right now on Supermom Central.

P.S. Check out the Freebie Friday Post for this week. You can get a free sandwich from Quizno's subs.