August 28, 2009

Bright Blue Miracle by Becca Wilhite

Bright Blue Miracle
Genre: Young Adult

Bright Blue Miracle, by Becca Wilhite, is about a seventeen year old girl named Leigh Mason. Leigh's mom get's remarried, and Leigh is not ready to share her room, her family, or her best friend, Jeremy, with her new step-sister, Betsy.

Leigh's younger twin sisters don't seem to have any problems adjusting to the mixed family. In fact, they seem to think Leigh should be excited to have a sister her own age so she can see what it's like to be a twin. Maybe Leigh could be friends with Betsy, if she wasn't completely gorgeous, tall, athletic, and practically perfect in every way. It doesn't help that Jeremy wants to date Betsy either.

Unfortunately, this isn't the only struggle that Leigh is facing. They all seem to lead up to one big crisis that will either bond the family or tear them apart.

This was a short, fun, and easy to read book. It wasn't without it's emotional roller coaster. The author really lets you sympathize for both step-sisters, even though the story is from Leigh's point of view. I still caught a few glimpses of what Betsy was feeling. The book doesn't involve the parents as much, especially the step-dad. The story is really mainly about the two girls learning to accept each other. There are some tender learning moments from Leigh's Grammy that really touched me.
"Sometimes terrible things happen. Sometimes they happen because someone makes a choice that affects lots of people. Sometimes awful stuff just happens because things go wrong. People die, and that always hurts our hearts. But there's always something to learn from a tragedy." (pg 77)
Overall I liked this book alot. I don't think it is one I will re-read, but I would definitely recommend it to others.



Jake Munn said...

Sounds like an interesting little book, I really enjoyed your write up too. Please drop by my blog sometime and have a read of my haikus; if you like them maybe you can tell me what you think?