August 3, 2009

An Important Message

Hello loyal readers!

I just wanted to let you know I might have even less time for blogging in the immediate future. The reason for this is because my dinosaur computer might finally be breathing it's last breath. Currently my hubby is backing up all my files on safe mode, but I haven't been able to get it to start normally. My husband does have a laptop, but since he is starting back to work (teaching) in a few weeks, as well as starting back for his master's degree, I have a feeling I won't be getting much use out of his.

I will still try to post every now and then. I am going to keep reading, but I'm not sure how keeping up with book reviews will go. Actually, I've been doing a pretty bad job at that lately anyway. It has been a busy summer. Until next time wish me luck, and maybe I can get a new computer for Christmas.



Angela the mother said...

so Sorry Amy about your computer! You can use mine.
The books I love are Joan Bauer series....I have been looking over several book blog sites but no one has mentioned them. They are to read, feel good books: Hope was Here, Best Foot Forward etc. Have you read them?

Haiku Amy said...

Why yes, I have read them. You should have known that.