September 17, 2009

Log Cabin Quilt Block

A couple of posts ago I mentioned the friendship quilt I am working on. This is the block I am doing. It is the Log Cabin Block. Traditionally the center is supposed to be red, because red represents the hearth of the home. I didn't know that when I made my quilt block, but it is just a fun little fact I picked up. Here are some more fun facts that I read about on Quilty's Quilt History blog:
The history behind the log cabin blocks.
1. Traditionally the block had a light side (happiness) and dark side(sorrow) to represent life in a home.
2. The yellow or red center would represent a hearth in a home (red) or a candle left burning to guide a family member home at night (yellow). There has been some controversy to having a black center. This is rumored to represent a safe haven/comfort for escaping slaves during the Civil War.
3. In sewing the log cabin block, it is sewn from the center out representing the building of a home, one log at a time surrounding the hearth/heart in the middle.

That isn't all the information I found on Quilty's Quilt History blog. Click on the link above to read more about the Log Cabin quilt block.

Maybe when I finally get my finished quilt blocks back (the ones that are currently being rotated through the group) I can share the history of the other blocks on my quilt. That could be a fun new segment. I think I'll call it Amy's Block of the Month. I'll keep you posted.



Britt said...

Awesome idea!

Love your block!