July 24, 2010

Because it's been exactly one month

I wasn't going to post anything yet, because I just spent over and hour skimming (yes, only skimming) Google Reader. I finally caught up on all you dedicated posters, even if I admit I only skimmed most of it. I just had a stray thought to check when I actually posted last. Lo and behold, it was exactly one month ago. I just couldn't pass up this opportunity, even if I have nothing valid to say.

Today is a state holiday for us Utahns. It marks the day the Latter-Day Saints came into the Salt Lake Valley. We get all crazy going to the biggest parade this state has, with the most elaborate floats, and even those crazy marching bands. I mean who would be crazy enough to march and play an instrument in this weather? I'm not making fun of bands, because I used to be in one or two. I was just never a fan of marching in parades, but I admit that I can't enjoy a parade without one. How is that for hypocritical? LOL

Anyway, here is some better info on the Days of '47 holiday that I snagged from Wikipedia, because they put it much more eloquently than I ever could.

On July 24, 1847, Brigham Young and a company of Mormon pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley, where the Latter-day Saints settled after being forced from Nauvoo, Illinois and other locations in the eastern United States. Pulling handcarts or driving wagons with oxen or horses, thousands of pioneers carried a firm commitment to America's belief in freedom of religion as they made the trek across the plains to a vast desert landscape that became known as the Utah Territory.

According to Days of '47 Inc. "This trek of the early Utah pioneers exemplifies the courage, foresight, and faith that continue to inspire modern-day pioneers. By remembering those remarkable 1847 pioneers and all those who followed, The Days of '47 seeks to make their accomplishments and hardships live today through a variety of activities and celebrations each year. We believe the example of past and present pioneers' courage is a beacon to the world."

Speaking of holiday festivities. We, here in Utah, get a second special day in July to light fireworks. I convinced my hubby to buy some this year, even though we don't have much of a budget for that sort of thing. Anyway, he went to the local TNT stand, and after careful review of the interaction, figured out that the guy ripped him off on one account with an attempt at rip off with another account. The dumb thing is, there is no way to verify, hours later, that we were ripped off, because they don't do an itemized receipt. So I am pretty ticked off right now. The thing that makes me extra mad about it, is this guy gets to pocket all the money he rips off from people. What a jerk! So I hope this guy gets some other form of bad karma, or just realizes what he did was wrong and has to feel guilty about it. Does it make me a bad person to wish him ill? Perhaps, but it's the only satisfaction I get.

Now I am not discouraging you from buying fireworks, or even buying them from TNT, but just as a cautionary tale to be extra alert on labels (TNT does many of their items buy one get one free) and check-out time.

Well, on that note, it is time for me to get to bed so I can fully appreciate the festivities of the day. Yes, it is early, about 2:00 am. I am insane, but have a happy weekend. My next post might even be about books!



Suey said...

I've marched in several parades, with a band, playing a clarinet... and as long as the uniforms weren't too hot, it's one of the funnest things ever! :)

Louise said...

Have a great day with the fireworks even though you were ripped off!

Angela said...

I have watched many many parades and enjoy the bands the most. so keep playing and marching everyone.