January 29, 2011

My newest love

I have a new love around the house. I am officially team electric blanket. Yes, it needs it's own team. At first I was team Snuggie, but then it just wasn't good enough. No, you see I live in the basement, and while summers are preferable down here, winters are definitely a hardship. So goodbye team Snuggie and hello team electric blanket. Hey! Do you think those two teams could reproduce and become team electric Snuggie? Maybe Snuggie already has done that? Who knows...

I want to tell you two things I love about my new blanket. First - it was 30% off at Target. Gotta love the sale! Second - it's made of that really soft, fuzzy, micro-fleece stuff that doesn't get instant pills on it the first time you wash it. There is nothing worse than pilled fabric when you have sensitive skin like I do. Now I think I shall end in a tribute to my new love.

Winter's bitter chill
Will not reach my pinkie toe
Blanketed with heat



Barbara said...

wish I had a heated blanket!!!! I hate this freezing cold weather!!!

Candi said...

Love it! We should have a "Team Electric Blanket" shirt made for you.