February 10, 2011

Reading Journal February 2011

I just thought I would jot down some books I have read recently before I forget them altogether. My mind is like a sieve.

In no particular order:
Beautiful Darkness (Caster Chronicles #2) by Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia - Lena's sixteenth moon has passed and she wasn't chosen by light or dark. It appears she is in charge of her choosing on her seventeenth moon. However the events of her 16th birthday leave her lost and grieving from her Uncle Macon's death and things with Ethan are getting too complicated. Ethan feels like he is losing her as Lena spends more time with her cousin, Ridley, who is a dark caster, and an incubus named John Breed. Ethan fears Lena is going to choose to be a dark caster, but believes he can save her from that path.

Found (The Missing #1) by Margaret Peterson Haddix - Jonah was adopted and the information regarding his adoption has always been closed. Now he is getting disturbing messages in the mail, and he finds out his friend, Chip, is also adopted and receiving the same messages. They finally get some clues as to where they came from, but the FBI is keeping it very hush hush. Something is very mysterious about it, and all they have are a list of 36 names of adopted kids their same age that all live in the surrounding area. Jonah, Chip, and Katherine (Jonah's sister) are about to go on a wild adventure that involves finding out the mystery of their adoption.

Sent (The Missing #2) by Margaret Peterson Haddix (I am detecting a theme here - books by authors named Margaret??) - *SPOILERS from Found.* Chip and Alex are brothers from the fifteenth century. Their real identities are King Edward V of England and Richard Duke of York respectively. Jonah and Katherine went back with them in time to try to fix the ripple and return Chip and Alex back to the 21st century without dying in history. The problem is every time they do something that didn't happen in the past it rewrites history. Not to mention Chip and Alex are becoming too much like their original personalities and just might stay in the 1400s. Things are definitely getting complicated.

Matched by Ally Condie - Loved, Loved, Loved. I believe this was the last book I read of 2010. It's about a girl named Cassia who lives in a utopian like society. The society does everything for the greatest good of the people. This includes matching each person with their perfect mate. At her matching ceremony she is matched with her best friend Xander and can't believe her luck. That is until she opens the computer file of her match and sees another face on the screen. His name is Ky and she knows him as well. The society tells her it was a glitch and to just forget about Ky, but she can't help but wonder if Ky is her true match. This book is amazing! I want the next book so bad.

Blind Side by Clair M. Poulson - Noletta Fahr is hiking in the mountains when she stumbles across a murder. She gets a glimpse of the perpetrator, but gets shot when she tries to escape and loses her sight. Several years later she is again a victim when someone breaks into her house and steals her seeing eye dog; she suspects it may be related to the murder case, and that her life is in danger once again.

The Kings of Clonmel (Ranger's Apprentice #8) by John Flanagan - Halt, Will and Horace take a visit to Halt's brother, who just happens to be the King of Clonmel. The King is a little lazy, which is why he allows a false religion to lay waste to his kingdom. These bandits raid farms and towns, then send in their prophet to drive away the bandits. In reality they are the same group using fear to dupe people out of their money. Halt confronts the prophet, Tennyson, and causes a stir among the royal family and it's subjects.

Halt's Peril (Ranger's Apprentice #9) by John Flanagan - Halt and company are still chasing Tennyson and his disciples as they head to another gullible village. Halt wants to stop them before they reach Araluen. Unfortunately the prophet's bodyguards are lethal assassins and hit Halt with an unknown poison. It is up to Will and Horace to save Halt and defeat the false prophet once and for all.

Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices #1) by Cassandra Clare  - Tessa goes to England to find her brother, only he isn't where he said he'd be. Instead some women that call themselves the Dark Sisters convince her to go with them, but keep her captive inside their creepy home. They teach her a power she never knew she had and now she wonders what kind of creature she really is. That is when Will and Jem, a couple of Shadowhunters, save her and take her back to the London Institute while they figure out who the Magister is and what he wants with Tessa and her ability. The Magister is the leader of The Pandemonium Club. It's a Downworlder club that brings in Mundanes and is related to some mysterious deaths. Tessa's brother, Nathaniel, disappeared and was last seen as a visitor to The Pandemonium Club. Oh good golly miss molly! I need the next book ASAP! So awesome, and the first book I read of 2011. Though I really miss Clary and Jace, it is fun to see some new characters as well as some old ones. Hello Magnus! Wahoo, my greatest wish will be realized, another Mortal Instruments book coming soon - City of Fallen Angels book 4. City of Lost Souls is book five, and City of Heavenly Fire is book 6. We also get to look forward to the sequels to Clockwork Angel - Clockwork Prince book 2, and Clockwork Princess book 3. Yeah! So many book to read one day.

Since my mind was otherwise occupied for the past couple of months, I haven't done a Reading Journal since September 2010. Shoot, now how will I replace those missing months? I am hoping I didn't forget a book, but honestly I didn't do much reading the latter part of the year. If I truly forgot a book that I have read, it must have not left a lasting impression.