June 6, 2008


This is a blast from the past. I think I wrote this poem in 4th or 5th grade. Yikes, it is pretty funny.


I hate gardening
Yes, I do
I hate gardening
More than goo

I hate the bugs
That sting and bite
And picking weeds
In the light

I hate snipping beans
They make your thumbs hurt
I hate husking corn
Earwigs get on your shirt

I hate podding peas
It takes a long time
I hate garden work
You don't even get a dime

The best part about gardening
Is eating the food

That is pretty much it. I love the last two lines. They don't rhyme at all.


JustRandi said...

What a fun blast from the past. I wonder how you spent your summer!?
Hey thanks for coming by my blog and not being a blog stalker! Just wanted to say welcome.

Angela said...

I love that poem. Where did you find it? I have been looking for it for years. You were always such a good helper in the garden. Eating the vegetables was always so much more rewarding when you grow them yourself and have to weed.

Angela said...

I love this poem. I have been searching for it for years. where did you find it? You were always such a good weeder.