May 19, 2009

Need Some Motivation

My blogging seems to come and go in spurts. Sometimes I do many posts, but now I'm in one of those zero posts modes. I hope nobody thinks I fell off the map. I'm still here, and I'm still reading books. I just need a little motivation.
Anyway, here is my excitement for today:

  • My boy had his end of year pre-school program (they called it graduation, but since he'll still be attending pre-school next year it's not really graduating is it?) I was a very proud mama, and had to hold back the tears.
  • We had an intentional accident involving a swing and a 4 year old's nose. There was lots of blood.
  • Finally, today is a very exciting day for Twilight fans. The first New Moon poster was released by Summit Ent. this morning.

I think the poster is wicked awesome. Many people have been complaining about everything imaginable, but to me it is pretty near perfect. I like it a lot better than the Twilight posters. I'm getting really excited about this film. So the other day I rented The Golden Compass movie, because Chris Weitz (the New Moon director) directed it, and also the music composer who did Golden Compass is also doing New Moon. I can't say much for the plot of the film, but the film itself was pretty good. It was very visually pleasing and the music was good. I have high hopes for New Moon.

Since I bailed on the haiku last time I feel it only proper to include one today.

Jacob looks real mad.
I think he misses his hair.
It's all Edward's fault.


melissa said...

I know how you feel about motivation. I think mine is waning too.

Sharon said...

Ditto on the motivation theme.

I'm not as excited for the second movie as I was for the first. I didn't really care for the first movie, and that was my favorite book.

The haiku made me giggle. Thanks!

alisonwonderland said...

i hadn't seen the poster yet - so thanks for sharing. i loved your haiku!