June 22, 2009

My Layout Doesn't Work

For some reason my new layout that I have been slaving over isn't working on Internet Explorer. I use Firefox and everything looks fine. So I am wondering what the deal is? My favicon doesn't show up either.

So here is my question. What browser do you use, and what do you see when you're on my blog?
I guess I may have to rethink this. Thanks for the help.


Haiku Amy said...

Testing, Yes, now the comments work again.

heidenkind said...

I'm reading it in Google Reader on Firefox, and I'm not seeing much. I can read your text and see pics, but that's about it.

Haiku Amy said...

I've been working on it some more. Any improvements?

melissa @ 1lbr said...

I use Firefox as well and it looks great - I love the background!