June 20, 2009

Bloggiesta Update #2 and Wrap-Up

Day #2
Bloggiesta Mini Challenges

The Book Lady's Blog - Cleaning up your feed reader; I organized all my blogs into folders, and caught up on reading posts. Yeah! The easiest thing to accomplish so far today.

Beth Fish Reads - Write a post and save is for a rainy day. I wrote a list post for this challenge.

Jill from Fizzy Thoughts - Leave comments on 10 new blogs. I have been leaving comments since the beginning of the Bloggiesta on many new blogs. I didn't keep track though.

Chronicle of an Infant Bibliophile - List your blog on a directory. I am already a part of Book Blogs Ning. I also submitted my blog for BBAW.

Emily's Reading Room - Set up a Google Alert. I set an alert for Haiku Amy.

Books, Movies, and Chinese Food - Creating an Elevator Pitch. What do you think of mine? It is under my blog title.

I found some blogging buddies from My Friend Amy's challenge.

Other Bloggy Stuff:
I finally, finally got my favicon to work. This was a serious headache all day, but I finally found the perfect site to help me. It is called Blogger Buster, and it was a life saver. The cool thing about it was you don't need a web hosting site to add your favicon. If anyone using Blogger is having troubles with your favicon, click that link. I am serious. There were tons of helpful Blogger posts on there. I will be returning some day.

I re-did my template using my own background photo. Again, I used tips from Blogger Buster. I still need to work with it a little more, but for now it is passable. P.S. the photo I used is from my trip to Yellowstone National Park last year. The water from the hot pool really was that color blue. So awesome.

I tweeted some on Twitter, and made myself a new Twitter widget.

I also went around leaving comments blogs, but I did not keep track of how many. Oh well, it probably wasn't anything significant.

Sadly, I didn't get any more posts written, but I'm glad I got some of the other stuff done. It was needed.

I had a hard time calculating how many hours I spent today, because all morning long I kept getting interrupted. I just didn't seem to get anything substantial accomplished until this evening. I am going to approximate between 5 and 5.5 hours for today. Adding to yesterday that makes a total of 14.5 Hours.

Goals Finished:
I finished all the mini challenges.
I posted two book reviews.
I made a gravatar and a favicon.
I started making labels for my posts.
I changed my blog template.
I wrote one back up post.
I re-wrote my About Me section.
I changed my Twitter widget.
I set up Feedburner.
I changed my name to Haiku Amy.
I set up a Haiku Amy email address.

Good Intentions:
I never made it back to Technorati, although I think this site was still giving people problems.
I didn't get around to adding meta tags to my blog.
I still want to tweek the template a little, but I'll get to that slowly. It's a big job.
I didn't quite get caught up on book reviews. I will work on those in the coming week.

I am exhausted, but I got a lot done. It was also fun meeting new bloggers and visiting your sites. I hope everyone had fun for Bloggiesta, because I sure did. I really learned a lot of stuff.
I want to say thanks Natasha from Maw Books for putting us up to this. I also want to thank the hosts of the mini challenges. They really did a great job. I hope I get to participate in Bloggiesta again in the future.


heidenkind said...

Yay, Bloggiesta! You got a lot done. I'm also had a lot of fun with it (even though technically I'm not done yet).

I also had trouble with technorati. It might be a blogger issue. I e-mailed them about it, so we'll see if they ever respond....

Louise said...

Well, I think you got a lot of stuff done! I haven't made my wrap up post just yet, but am getting there.

Debbie's World of Books said...

Great job on all your bloggiesta work! This was a lot of fun.

Marie Burton said...

I still don't see your Favicon, I use IE7 maybe there's a difference.
You did a great job though and accomplished a lot!

Natalie W said...

Awesome job on your Bloggiesta!! It was a challenge for sure. The only thing i accomplished was moving my blog which was huge and i feel alot better. But still have miles to go.
TTFN! Thanks for the comment
Natalie :0)

melissa @ 1lbr said...

Cool photo - maybe you could wrap it on your background somehow (yeah, I'm really good with the technical stuff...)

Melanie said...

You completed all twelve mini-challenges? That's impressive!

heidenkind said...

Thanks for the Blogger Buster link! I am definitely going to check that out. I never made it back to Technorati, either. :P Boooooo.

Amber said...

It sounds like you made a lot of progress over the weekend even with interruptions.

Sheila DeChantal said...

Just cruising through the Bloggiesta participant blogs and meeting my fellow book bloggers. Looks like you did quite a bit during the challenge! Wasnt it fun?

Haiku Amy said...

Thanks for all your comments! Bloggiesta was so fun.

Tasha-I had too many other worries to find out why technorati wasn't working. I just moved on. I am glad to share with you about Blogger Buster.

Marie-I don't know why the favicon doesn't show up in IE. I use FF. Anyone else use IE that can't see it?

Melissa-How do I wrap my background? Ho hum, the thing I hate is I don't know what the blog looks like on other computers. I don't think my screen is as wide, so if I have ugly gaps on the side let me know.

Everyone else-thanks for stopping by and leaving comments. You Rock!

Britt said...

You did a ton! Awesome!

IE and favicons= inconsistency!
My favicon is MIA...

Anonymous said...

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Natasha @ Maw Books said...

Fantastic job Amy! My apologies for the late reply, I'm still recovering! You got a ton done, I'm impressed.

Haiku Amy said...

Thanks Natasha!