June 1, 2009

What's for Lunch?

So here's the story. Yesterday afternoon, I hurriedly whipped up a batch of Hootenanny (German Pancakes) for lunch. I was in a hurry, because I had to go out visiting teaching but wanted to get lunch going for my family before I went. In my rush, I accidentally got eggshells in the batter, but didn't really notice until I was eating the leftovers today and crunched down on some. Needless to say I was grossed out. I had a bad lunch experience, and I'll tell ya, Hootenanny doesn't make for good leftovers anyway. Now I am feeling full of ickiness and just a little betrayed by my lunch choice. I think I need some cookies or something good to counteract the nastiness, or maybe I am just depressed and I want goodies. Hm, I can't really decide.

Have you ever eaten something that was less than appealing, and you had to eat something else to counteract the bad choice?

Lazy summer day
Barbecue grill stands nearby
Picnic foods for lunch


Suey said...

First person I think that calls them Hootenanny just like us! And you had leftovers? At our house, we make at least 2 batches and every last bit of it gets devoured. For sure one of our favorite things. But egg shells in it? Not so great I bet!

We've got a major food problem around here in general I think. I really need to go shopping. In fact my daughter just barely texted me on her way home "do we have food?" I said... some. :)

Mrs. B. Roth said...

Once I found a big long curley hair in my salad at a restaurant ... it was like a foot long and very healthy (thick). They gave me free dessert, and wouldn't you know ... another hair. I'm not a squeamish complainy type. but that was just too much.

Also, husband once found a fingernail in a corn dog and finished the corn dog anyway. So gross.

my word verification is "fulness" and I ask you, as in hair or tummy?

Amy Btw M said...

Suey - It's easy to have leftovers when it's just hubby and I eating. Little boy wanted Cheerios. Seriously, I would eat the whole pan if my stomach would allow. Yup, I'm a pig.

Brandy - Ugh, that is just sad. Finding hair from family prepared food is bad enough, but at a restaurant is just nasty. As to your word verification: I'm going to go with tummy given the subject matter.