July 15, 2009

HP6 Entry #1

Not to spoil it, but
Dumbledore dies.
Bad bad Snape.

Submitted by Kitty Fischer

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Miss Remmers said...

I can't believe they'd put that up there like that! I mean, I guess by now if you're going to read it you've read it.

But a year ago I was innocently sitting in one of my upper division lit classes and I still hadn't read HP7 - since I knew when I finished it, it would all be over. And the professor gave the ending away! I mean I guess it's my own fault- but still! Weird!

I don't understand Haiku. Put I like yours! :):

Amy said...

Miss Remmers- I found that photo on Flikr, so yeah it is obviously an old photo, but if I had seen that before I'd read the book I would have been very mad. I hate big spoilers like that.

This particular haiku was contributed by a reader. It looks like she used a 5-4-3 format, which I am not familiar with, but that is cool. I liked it as well.