July 27, 2009

Shakespeare - To Read or Not to Read

Recently my hubby and I have been playing a fun game at a friend's house called Shakespeare The Bard Game. It is really fun, but also time consuming. Fun features of the game include trivia questions about Shakespeare and his plays, and performance cards that have excerpts from the plays to perform for the group. While this game doesn't require a vast knowledge of Shakespeare to win, it sure has peaked my interest in reading more of Shakespeare's works.

Now I have a teeny tiny confession to make. I took two Shakespeare courses as part of my Bachelor's degree, and I totally bluffed my way through them. I don't exactly remember every play we were required to read, but I recall more than one that I didn't finish. Oops, my only excuse is I had the complex of not wanting to read something I was being forced to read. Has that happened to anyone else, and if so what books?

Here is a list of Shakespeare plays I've read starting with my favorites:

  1. Twelfth Night, or What You Will (comedy) My absolute favorite, and love the movie version. Favorite character: Viola
  2. Much Ado About Nothing (comedy) I love this one, and love the movie version. Favorite character: Benedick
  3. King Lear (tragedy) Favorite character: Cordelia
  4. A Midsummer Night's Dream (comedy) Favorite character: Bottom
  5. Romeo and Juliet (tragedy) Favorite character: Juliet
  6. MacBeth (tragedy) Favorite character: Lady MacBeth
  7. The Merchant of Venice (comedy) I can't remember much of this one, which leads me to believe I never finished it. Oops.
  8. Othello (tragedy) I never finished this one, but watched the movie version.
  9. Hamlet (tragedy) I didn't finish this either, but want to watch the Mel Gibson movie version.
  10. The Tempest (romance) I may have read snippets from this one.
So I guess I can only say I've read 6. It's time to brush up on my Shakespeare. What is your favorite Shakespeare play? For a reading challenge go to the Biblioshakespeare blog.


Natasha @ Maw Books said...

I never enjoyed Shakespeare. To tell you the truth, I'd rather watch the movies then read the plays. Hope nobody will get mad at me with that confession.

Haiku Amy said...

Natasha- That is understandable. They are plays, so really they are meant to be watched. Personally I like to watch the movies with the subtitles on. It helps understanding a bit better.

heidenkind said...

My favorite Shakespeare play is MacBeth. When I was in school, we read the plays aloud and everyone got to be a character. I like "reading" them like or watching them on stage or as a movie--they're plays, not novels. They're meant to be seen.