November 20, 2009

Check out the Button!

Trin from Bloody Bad Books was super nice and made a button for my blog. I think it looks amazing! Thank you so much Trin. So if I added the widget right and the html is working in my favor, you should be able to snag my button. I am going to attempt more haiku in the next little while. I know I haven't paid much attention to that recently, and I am saddened. I've got to live up to my blog title after all.

Plus: attention all Blogger users. Now you can easily make a label cloud. Just go to your Layout page and edit your labels. You can choose to have your labels in a cloud and even hide labeled posts you don't want readers to see. I did my labels in a cloud, even though I think the words are too closely spaced. That will be an issue to address on another day.