December 20, 2010

Friendship Quilt

Here is a long awaited post on my Friendship Quilt. In July of 2009, a group of ladies from my church ward got together to start this quilt project. The idea is to have a quilt block made by everyone in the group.

Step one: Choose your fabric
Step two: Choose a block pattern
Step three: Make your block pattern out of your fabric
Step four: Pass your fabric to the next person in the group. Receive fabric from another group member.
Step five: Make your block pattern using your friend's fabric.
Step six: Keep passing fabric and making blocks until you get your fabric back

We had 12 ladies in our group, and made one block a month. Then after receiving our fabric back we pieced our quilt together and made it unique. I wish I could have gotten pictures of some of the other quilts, but here is mine.

You'll notice I made four extra blocks, because I wanted to do this quilt layout called Medallion style. I also did something called prairie points on the binding. That is the little triangles around the quilt that make it look like it has a pinked edge. I didn't make my quilt to go on a bed specifically. It is 70 inches square. I had toiled with the idea of hanging it on the wall. However, currently I have no such place to do that. Maybe one day when I have a house of my own I will be able to find a great place for it.

Here are the individual blocks. I don't know the names on most of these. Oh well. I am a little too lazy to hunt them down.