November 9, 2009

Shudder by Jennie Hansen

Shudder by Jennie Hansen
My Goodreads rating 5 of 5

I have been meaning to review this book for a week now, but the planets didn't align. You know how things go when life gets crazy.

Shudder is about a girl named Darcy. Her best friend and roommate, Clare, is about to get married to a man named Blaine. Blaine is a prestigious lawyer, but Darcy just can't like him no matter how hard she tries. There is just something that is not right with Blaine. When Blaine tries to move into their apartment the relationship becomes strained with Clare, because Darcy cannot go against her beliefs. Darcy moves out, but tries to support Clare in her decision. At that moment, she doesn't know if she will ever be friends with Clare again, but she lets Clare know she will be there if Clare needs her.

Although there is a little bit of a love interest in this book, I wouldn't consider it a romance book. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't more on the romance end, but that is okay. I liked the suspense parts, and there were plenty of them. This book is a look into an abusive relationship, and seeing how someone can get trapped into one. Although, I am sure there are many differenct reasons and outcomes.

There were a couple different plot lines in this book. I've already mentioned the love interest and the abusive relationship. The other one revolves around an unsolved murder. I don't think it was too much to have all three of these plot lines in the book. It made for an interesting and suspenseful read.

I want to thank Jennie Hansen and Covenant Communications for sending me this book to read and review. I think I have said before that Jennie Hansen is one of my all time favorite authors. If you are looking for more adventure/suspenseful books you might try reading Jennie Hansen's The Bracelet series. They are really good. Also check Jennie Hansen's blog. She does giveaways twice monthly for books off her bookshelf. It is really easy to enter. All you have to do is leave meaningful comments on any of  her posts.

Also I don't know if I ever posted the picture of Jennie and I at Deseret Book's Ladies Night Event that happened last month. I went to see her and got some books signed. She was so sweet and wrote me a long message in my favorite book by her, When Tomorrow Comes.

When Tomorrow Comes

My son went with me. I was a little flustered, because as soon as we walked into the store, he ran off and got lost. Thankfully I found him!

Jennie Hansen book signing

Reader Question: Any favorite authors you would like to share about? I know I have more than one.



Mrs. Gibson said...

How are you getting free books? I want in!!!! If you are going to an author signing let me know. Sounds like we like a lot of the same authors. I just finished a book by Josi Kiplack. It was pretty good. I also like Jack Weland, Rachel Nunes, and several others I can't think of right now. I did read THE BRACELET but have not gotten around to reading the others in that series.

Jennie said...

Thanks Amy. I loved meeting you and your son and I appreciate the great review of Shudder.
Mrs. Gibson, come on over to my blog as Amy suggested. I give away a book, sometimes two, twice a month.