November 23, 2010

Thoughts on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 Movie

I was able to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (say that five times fast) on Saturday. I would give it an E for Exceeds Expectations. While there were a few huh moments for me, I was overall most pleased with the quality of acting, especially coming from Hermione. Emma Watson gets my most improved player award.

If you haven't seen the movie yet and don't want to be spoiled or have never read the books, there will be some plot point spoilers following.

Seriously though, can you believe how pasty white Dan Radcliffe is? The seven Potter's scene was pretty good, but I was having some flashbacks to when Rob Pattinson takes his shirt off in New Moon. I understand Rob's was partially make-up for the vampire look, but I can't help but notice two pasty, white British boys. LOL

So here are my "Huh" moments. This info is obvious to anyone who has read the book, but completely out of nowhere for someone who hasn't.

Number 1: All of a sudden, Harry is carrying around this shard of mirror and spending multiple scenes staring into it. We all know it is a piece from Sirius's two-way mirror, but there has been no previous movie explanations for this.

Number 2: Did anyone notice the obvious close-up of one strand of Bellatrix's hair falling on Hermione's chest during the Malfoy Manor scene near the end? Obviously it is necessary for the next movie, but I bet most people didn't catch onto that.

Number 3: The doe Patronus that leads Harry to the Gryffindor sword was a small unsolved mystery to me. There was a small discussion about it, but I guess the movie goers will have to wait for Part 2 to find out who sent the Patronus (or just read the book - lol).

I personally didn't remember this from the book so I asked hubby. He said it belonged you didn't really think I would tell you did I? 10 Points to the House who figures out the answer.

Number 4: "Oh hi, I'm Bill Weasley. You know, Ron's brother whose wedding you'll be attending? Of course you know my bride-to-be, Fleur, from the tri-wizard tournament. Don't mind the scratches on my face; I'm a werewolf you know." Thus concludes our quick introduction to Bill Weasley. 

Other than those few weird moments, the part that bothered me the most is Harry's lack of knowledge about what the remaining Horcrux items are. If the producers had been thinking, they would have included some of this knowledge in movie 6. However, at the end of movie 7 part 1, Harry still has not gotten any clues to what they might be. I am pretty annoyed by this and am wondering at what point and how is he going to figure this out in Deathly Hallows Part 2.

Here are some other "Moments" I liked from the movie.
Funniest moment: I really liked the scene where they had to flush themselves down the toilet to get into the Ministry of Magic
Scariest moment: Tough one, but probably when the snake shoots out of Bathilda Bagshot and attacks Harry.
Saddest moment: Dobby's death scene. I had tears rolling down my face. 
Most Awkward moment: Harry and Hermione dancing in the tent. You call that dancing?
Best Acting moment: The first scene at Malfoy Manor. Holy cow, Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy did such a great job in that scene. I think the best thing about it was mostly in their facial expressions. They didn't really say all that much, but you could almost tell what was going through their minds by looking at them.
Best Chase scene: Ministry of Magic, or ooh, I almost forgot the chase with Hagrid and Harry on the flying motorcycle. That was intense. Too hard to choose.
Most Boring moment(s): all the passing around of the locket and listening to the radio in the tent got a little too snoozy for me. Also, whenever one of the trio was just sitting around outside pondering the meaning of life and other things. Mostly all of the tent scenes.
Most dramatic moment: When Ron and Harry fight leading up to Ron leaving! Gasp!
Worthy of a Soap Opera moment: Ron imagining Harry and Hermione making out.

I think I am just making up moments so as to mention every scene in the movie. Ha ha. It's actually kind of fun.

That concludes my thoughts on the movie. Anyone else want to share?