June 18, 2009

My Twilight Haiku Entry

About a month ago I entered a Twilight haiku contest hosted by the Casting Scoop blog. Well, my haiku didn't win, but I thought I would share it with y'all. To see the winning haiku go to the Casting Scoop blog.

Dew dropped blades soak through
A mumbled name causes doubt
Book in hand she sleeps

My haiku is inspired by the scene (from the book, not the movie) when Bella is reading in the back yard and she falls asleep. Also if you've read the partial Midnight Sun draft, it mentions Edward is watching Bella and listening to her talk in her sleep.

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And...don't forget the winner of my own Twilight haiku challenge, Sonora Rockmauve.
A Winner has been selected

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Candi said...

Amy - your haiku moved me. I think you should have won.